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Life’s journey is an unpredictable road, one that led Christine to the creation of the Holistic Therapies Centre, nestled in the heart of Coolangatta. Meet Christine, a radiant spirit driven by a profound passion for healing. Her latest endeavour involves expanding her massage business to encompass the realms of Art Therapy and Cymatic Resonance Therapy, promising transformative experiences for her clients.

A journey of self discovery

Christine’s remarkable path to this point in her life was anything but expected. Hailing from Germany, she dedicated years to assisting individuals with disabilities within her homeland. While she cherished this role, an insatiable desire for exploration drew her towards the sun-kissed shores of Australia. Embracing her adventurous spirit, she boldly boarded a flight, unaware that she would fall head over heels in love with the country and make it her home.

For Christine, her travels became a journey of self-discovery. Leaving her homeland and venturing abroad solo unlocked aspects of her identity that may have remained dormant had she stayed rooted in one place. The move sculpted her character, and ultimately shaped her into the remarkable individual she is today. Australia now stands as her home, where her passion for holistic health deepened.

Transformative healing

Transitioning into the field of massage therapy was a seamless decision for her. Yet, after years of pursuing her dream, she felt an undeniable calling for something more profound. This led her to art therapy, a form of meditation capable of transcending the boundaries of trauma, profound emotions, and the relentless stresses of daily life. In her role as a facilitator, Christine embarks on a transformative journey with her clients, guiding them towards self-discovery through the medium of art.

Assisting others in their healing journey is a calling close to Christine’s heart. Having experienced her own transformative healing from past trauma, she wants to help others with their own struggles.

The Holistic Therapies Centre

For the past eighteen years, Christine has dedicated herself to operating the Holistic Therapies Centre, an accomplishment she holds with great pride.

Over the years, she has diligently honed her expertise in various facets of holistic massage therapies, including hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, Reiki, energy healing, Kahuna, and Ayurvedic Therapies. Her dedication also led her to become an Art Therapist under the coaching of Cornelia Elbrecht, the visionary founder and director of the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy and School for Initiatic Art Therapy.

Additionally, Christine received a diploma in Ayurveda as well as Remedial Therapy. She also studied to be an NLP Master Practitioner under James Tsakalos, and did Generative Healing with Stephen Gilligan, a renowned psychologist, and the architect of the Generative Self Approach to Personal Growth. Christine has also done many courses on mindfulness over the years.


She brings all of this knowledge to her practice and loves sharing it with her clients.

The Key to Healing

Christine’s transformative training and educational journey have left a mark on her life, instilling in her a burning desire to empower others.

Her mission is clear: to light the path for individuals to unlock their unconscious minds, guiding them towards self-discovery.

Recognising that trauma and stress take root in both the body and the mind, Christine believes that the key to healing lies within oneself, in delving deeper to unearth the obstacles hindering personal growth and fulfilment.


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