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Cymatic Resonance Therapy (CRT)

What Is Cymatic Resonance Therapy?

Cymatic Resonance Therapy™ is a new form of relaxation therapy that differs from others in its ability to help the body to reduce stress, alleviate physical pain and regenerate through deep relaxation.

It is non-invasive, non-chemical, deep vibrational relaxation technique that converts specific frequencies, harmonics, and waveforms into vibrations that are transmitted to the body.

This unique relaxation therapy supports other medical treatments.

What to expect

You are fully clothed on warm liquid waves that cocoon and cushion as your body is bathed in soothing vibrations.

Gentle oscillations pulse through the table and vibrate your body, relaying signals that softly seep into every cell and organ to adjust, optimise, and harmonise and refresh your mind.


What if offers

The goal of this treatment is to feel your body and mind totally relax at a deep level as each cell is restored to its original vibrational resonance.

Common benefits of deep relaxation using sound waves include:-

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Creating a sense of calm
  • Increasing mental awareness
  • soothing aching muscles
  • improving sleep
  • increasing mobility
  • recharging energy
  • regaining a sense of hope and enhancing overall mood.

Choose from the following programs:-

Chakra Balance – recalibrating the frequencies of each chakra in your body to leave you feeling balanced and restored.

Inner Peace – encouraging total relaxation to help calm the mind, still the emotions and provide clarity and insight.

Renew Yourself – helping you to step back from stress and return to a natural balance again.

Illuminate – supporting you to enter into a mindful state of ‘being’ rather than endless ‘doing’ and to deepen your sense of meaning in life.

Recharge Yourself – reigniting the spark of life in every cell to energise you.

Current Special Price on CRT $30 for 30min or $50 for 60min.

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